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About coach Kyle

Kyle Wolfe has spent the last 32 years of his life dedicated to the world of cycling.

Athletic Background

Kyle quickly realized his passion for endurance sports after setting the school record for the mile run in only the fourth grade.  When the thrill and excitement of cycling was discovered, he knew he had found his calling.

Kyle competed in his first bike race at age 15 and his first triathlon at 16.  Growing up in a football family where his father was the school’s coach, he has applied the performance and aggression taught on the gridiron to the road itself.

Kyle has raced at the elite level across this country and in Europe, and continues to race his bicycle at the Elite and Masters level for road and cyclocross where he has enjoyed a lot of success and fun over the past years, in the present and definitely into the future.

He has also competed in over 100 triathlons, duathlons, quadathlons and other multi-sport events with many victories and numerous podium appearances around the world.

Kyle is also an US Air Force veteran with an Honorable Discharge after serving in a special classified position.

Coaching Qualifications

Kyle is considered an "Expert Coach" by USA Cycling after earning his Level 1 license.  This comes with "Distinction", a notation that means he has completed over forty hours of advanced skill training every two years.  He is also a Power Based Training Certified coach, a title that was earned with months of education, training, practice and testing that has perfected his ability to maximize an athlete’s abilities using the modern power measuring equipment. 

Kyle is a Training Peaks Certified Cycling Coach at their national level and was a leader in their Power Certification this year.

Two years of managing and directing a national level u-25 cycling team has also helped him refine his skills and abilities.  Often considered the best two years of his life, that program has since produced a world champion, a national champion, a professional cyclocross racer, a ProTour rider and numerous elite cyclists still racing today.

Recently, Kyle has also been the cycling coach at several annual winter training camps in Tucson, Arizona.  Working in close proximity with bike racers really exposes what is needed to make the most of athletes.  Kyle is also one of the coaches at the regional USA Cycling Junior Talent ID Camp; an important development pipeline for young riders looking to make the national team.

Coach Kyle is also a member of the US Anti Doping Agency's Coach's Advantage; a training and certification program designed to help coaches educate their athletes in the rules and method of Clean and True Sport and a certified member of the USOC's Safe Sport program.

Coaching Experience

Not only is Kyle a coach himself, but he has had a lifetime of exposure to excellent coaching.  From the impact his father had as a scholastic sports coach, to his first Polish coach at the age of 19, his running coaches years later and of course the other high end coaches that have helped him during his racing lifetime.

All of these influences help build the experience and expertise seen today.

Sharing and teaching

One of the things that Kyle enjoys the most is sharing the technical aspects of cycling and coaching with others and attempt to make the new shift towards training with power more understandable to all levels of athlete.  Kyle has written for USA Cycling in their Member Communiques and other articles for the Federation as well as a continuing series of coaching and technical information for the Training Peaks website.

Kyle has served on Q&A panels for USA Cycling at their Coach's Summit as well as teaching annual webinars to other coaches as part of the USA Cycling Coach's Continuing Education program.  

"Kyle Wolfe is one amazing coach" - Tim Cusick, world champion coach and industry leader
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